Bright Light DIPA

Modern style DIPA made with all Citra hops

Burly Monk BPA

Medium spiced Belgian style ale with light fruit notes and citrus hops

Dark Ale

Our house dark ale brewed with specialty roasted malts and hints of chocolate, coffee and caramel

Daylight DIPA

Modern Style Double IPA with strong juicy, citrusy flavors and passion fruit aromas

In Bloom

Rustic style ale with notes of lemon grass and a slight herbal aroma

Double Dry-Hopped In Bloom

A Double Dry-Hopped wild, rustic style ale, slightly sour with notes of lemongrass and a subtle, herbal aroma aged in Pinot noir Barrels

Last Light IPA

American style IPA with flavors and aromas of grapefruit and melon

Modern American APA

American Pale Ale with light bitterness and a large juicy spicy and citrus hop flavor

Ultra Modern American APA

Double Dry-Hopped American Pale Ale with light bitterness and a large juicy spicy and citrus hop flavor



Strong ale brewed with Belgian yeast, specialty malts and wildflower honey.

Brett Light IPA

A wild yeast fermented IPA. Fruit flavors and aromas with a dry, crisp finish.

Tasteful Deception

This version of our American Wild Ale series is tart & refreshing. Its huge citrus presence was achieved using our yeast, house bacteria, and careful dry-hopping.

Beta Series

Our experimental rotating IPA series. Each batch uses different hops, ingredients and techniques to continuously develop one of our favorite hop forward beer styles.

Haus Sour Series

A mixed culture fermented experimental series

Session Series

Our American Pale Ale series.


Time APA

Double dry-hopped, all Galaxy pale ale. Creamy, juicy hop flavors with an intense citrus hop aroma.

Table Series

Our Table series encompasses a tart, yet approachable selection of ales that were created to be enjoyed during mealtime with friends and family.

Double Cup

Bigger and robust version of our core brand coffee stout, “Coffee Cup”

Foraged Fruit

Table sour ale brewed with locally foraged Staghorn Sumac and Black Currants


Coffee Cup

A double coffee stout made with cold brew coffee and flavors of chocolate and caramel

Meant To Bee

Brewed with local honey, Chamamile, and Aged in Rye Barrels.


Wheat Pale Ale brewed with lemon zest and ginger root. A collaboration beer made with the cycling-themed company, Industrious Hijinx.