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The Story of Sparky

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May 29, 2019

Dear Friends,

There’s been a lot of excitement around Common Roots Brewing lately but a story you probably missed is that we found a little hatchling turtle a few days after our fire a few months back. We were walking around the parking lot of what was to become our new temporary space. As we walked the lot, I spotted what turned out to be a very tiny, painted turtle on the ground.

I’m not a biologist, but seemed strange to see an obviously newly hatched turtle in a parking lot a good quarter mile from the nearest water on such a cold, raw day! The temperature was cold and we still had snow mounds in the shaded areas next to the building. Without really thinking about it, I picked up the turtle for a closer look and saw he/she was miraculously still alive! I placed him in my pocket for warmth and brought him home. After a quick Google investigation of what to do next, we decided to set up a hatchling turtle sanctuary in our kitchen and name our new household guest, “Sparky.”

We are happy to report that these efforts have not gone in vain. Sparky continues to thrive in his temporary space in our kitchen. Our plan is to release him when the weather is warmer, although that may be more difficult then we think since we’ve grown somewhat attached to him.

And really, what are the chances of finding a baby turtle in the parking lot on a cold March day?

On that note, I am sure a lot of us are wondering why things happen. Sometimes, it seems, they just do and we all have an opportunity to help or ignore.

All of us at Common Roots have been wondering a similar question—the fire and now this unbelievable outpouring of love and support—how did this happen?

I can tell you we don’t have the answers but we are all so grateful for the tremendous show of love and support. Our community has adopted us and, like young Sparky, we know we will now thrive because of it. Thank you!

Cheers to Sparky and an even brighter future.


UPDATES: Taproom and Brewery

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May 30, 2019

New Brewery and Taproom Site Plan Approved

March 25th still feels like yesterday. We never thought in our wildest dreams we’d be back on our feet in a temporary brewery and taproom just a few weeks later.

Today, thanks to a dedicated team of planning partners, we are beyond excited to now share with you the site plan renderings for our new brewery and taproom to be built at our flagship location: 58 Saratoga Ave in South Glens Falls. 

Thank you to Phinney Design Group for sharing our vision and demonstrating efficiency in putting this plan together, and to the Village of South Glens Falls for approving it. Most importantly, thank you to all of you for your unwavering support over the last few months. We would not be where we are today without you.

We plan to share the construction progress with you here on social media and will announce additional details in the coming weeks and months as they become available.


May 8, 2019

Temporary Taproom is Officially Open

Things to note:

+Parking: Due to limited parking in the north lot at the temporary taproom, we strongly encourage our patrons to utilize the Park & Ride lot behind our flagship location at 58 Saratoga Ave. It’s a short, two block walk away. Limited street parking on Newton Ave is also available. We respectfully ask that you be mindful of our residential neighbors.

+Package Pick-Up: Due to popular demand, there is now a designated 10-minute Package Pick-Up parking space in the north lot at the temporary taproom.

+Merchandise: Yes! We have merchandise available in the temporary taproom and online.


Soft Opening Temporary Taproom

May 7, 2019

Temporary Taproom Soft Opening Today

We have been hard at work on the temporary taproom and brewery space and are excited to finally share it with you. Our taproom doors open at 4p today. We appreciate your patience and support as we work the kinks out during this soft opening.

Things to note:

+Our credit card reader has not yet arrived, so it is cash only for today. There is not an ATM on site.

+The address is 30 Saratoga Ave in South Glens Falls; however, the taproom entrance can be found on the Newton St side of the building.

+There is limited parking in the taproom lot and street parking is permitted. Please be respectful of our neighbors. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire with our taproom staff.

Beer Sessions_Episode 476_Kindred Spirits and Common Roots_April 2019

Beer Sessions Radio – Episode 476: Kindred Spirits and Common Roots

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April 20, 2019

Last week, our co-founder Christian Weber, Jon Kielty from Big aLICe Brewing, and Melanie Fronhofer from Fronhofer Design sat down with Jimmy Carbone of Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network.

Christian, Jon, and Melanie spoke with Jimmy about the Big Alice-Common Roots collab beer – Kindred Roots, brewing on the three-barrel system that survived the fire, and the benefits of working with a small, local design company.

Have a listen:



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April 15, 2019

Dear Friends,

Humbled. That’s the best word to describe how we feel right now.

So many of you turned out to hang with us at Rally for the Roots North in Glens Falls and Rally for the Roots South in Troy. More of you have shown up at your favorite local craft brewery, taproom, and restaurant for pop-up support events or are planning to attend benefit festivals like Rising From The Ashes on May 4th.

You sent texts, emails… and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter messages, too.

We’re humbled and grateful for each and every one of you.

We also want to take a moment to publicly thank our Common Roots alumni family and friends in the craft beer industry who have taken on volunteer leadership roles to organize and activate you, our Community Roots community. Our rebuild will be deeply rooted in these good deeds.


Bert and Christian

Photo Credit: Matthew ‘Fuj’ Scher

30 Saratoga Ave

Two weeks later… and two blocks away.

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April 11, 2019

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that we have secured a site to resume brewing and taproom operations at 30 Saratoga Ave in South Glens Falls, just two blocks away from our original brewery site. We anticipate opening the temporary space later this month.

In working with our partners at Fronhofer Design, we will have the Traveler 3 barrel brewery system on-site, which will allow us to begin brewing enough beer to be served in the temporary taproom. This means fresh beer for you and near-term work for our brewery and taproom staff: a major win-win.

We want to thank South Glens Falls Mayor Harry Gutheil, Joe Patricke, and everyone at the Village of South Glens Falls and Village Planning Board for helping expedite this process. Thank you also to Ms. Elizabeth Miller and her team at Miller Mechanical for working with us to lease the temporary space.

From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough for the support you have shown us over the last two weeks. You have encouraged us to push forward and we will forever be grateful for the kind messages, warm hugs, and an overwhelming sense of community.

Bert and Christian

Good Night, Brewery

A Message From Bert: Good Night, Brewery

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March 30, 2019

Dear Friends,

The events of this past Monday are still very raw and painful. Each day since the fire, I have had a mixture of emotions: relief no one was injured, disbelief that this happened, and now the uncertainty in what the future holds. So many memories and pictures in my mind of the last 5 years keep coming back to me. I told Robin that I had a little routine each day when I left the brewery… from the day we started to renovate the old girl to the day I left it on that fateful night, I would always take just a moment to look around at the operation, perhaps pat a tank and say, “Good night, Brewery… thank you.”

It was, in retrospect, an odd little gesture but it always made me feel good to appreciate the remarkable space that it was. Even when the building was being renovated and we were still working to give it a new life, it seemed like a special place. We would work all day (and night sometimes), laughing, cursing and listening to music. Ultimately at some point, it became that time to turn off the lights and say good night.

This past Monday was no different. We had another busy day at the brewery. The fermenting vessels were all full, and the beer for the day was packaged and shipped out. The brewery looked clean and ready for the next day’s excitement. The sound of beer happily fermenting and muffled sounds of fun from the taproom — all were familiar sights and sounds to indicate that things were good. As I made my way out of the production space, I gave a little nod and said, “Good night, Brewery… thank you.”

There is a very stark transition when walking from the brewery into the taproom. A few hours earlier, the brewery was a place of organized chaos…humid, warm, loud and full of action. Our taproom, by contrast, during the day is quiet and waiting for life to come back to it… until the evening arrives and guests start trickling in. Last Monday, the taproom had a nice gathering of regular customers and some new people; there was laughter and music, stories and beer. All seemed good when I left for home for the evening.

That all changed when I picked up a call from Christian, hearing the alarm in his voice. Robin and I rushed back to the brewery and were horrified by what we now saw. The flames, the smoke, and all the first responders were all there in some strange, surrealistic scene. It was hard to conceive it was really happening and everything we had worked so hard to create was quickly being consumed in flames. Or so I thought…

As it turns out, it wasn’t everything. In the days since the fire, we have witnessed an unbelievable outpouring of love and support. A community, beyond our wildest imagination, has embraced us and is showering us with love, support, and hope! One of our founding principles as a business was to “create and be part of a community.” Never in our dreams did we realize the extent to which that is now true.  What we have collectively created in this special placed called, Common Roots, is difficult to describe. As Adam Evans described in his beautiful editorial, “the place has a certain divinity.” To me, this is the highest praise. We all know when we are in a special place because you just feel it. Our brewery was that sort of place. It felt right because the community built it, literally. The love, passion and hard work of so many people cannot be consumed by fire or any other disaster. It is still there and will rise again.

I have spent every day since the fire at the brewery looking for answers and hoping to find some important document or treasured memento. I have found them all. Some more relevant than other… but enough to help me think more about our future. I am confident we can re-create this special place called Common Roots Brewing Company again.

Yesterday, I stood there in the silent charred remains of the brewery and heard that distinctive “bubbling sound” of fermentation. The brewery was still working in its own way and, I thought, signaling to us that we’ll get through this.

Good night, Brewery… thank you.


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A Message From Our Co-Founders

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March 27, 2019

Dear Friends,

We are still in shock as we write you all this update.

As many of you know by now, a fire erupted in our brewery on Monday, March 25th, 2019. The structural damage to our brewery was devastating. While we are grateful that none our most cherished assets – our people – were physically harmed by the fire, much of our brewery, taproom, and second floor office space was destroyed or severely damaged.

Therefore our taproom and brewery at 58 Saratoga Ave will remain closed until further notice as we begin executing the necessary steps to rebuild. We are making every effort to support our employees through this time and are collectively driven to getting back to doing what we love as soon as possible.

So many emotions have consumed our hearts these past few days: sorrow, grief, anger, disbelief…. but also gratitude. Immense gratitude for the incredible showing of support we’ve received from our local and extended community. While we may not be responding individually to each of you at this time, please know that your kindness is noticed, your gesture is greatly appreciated, and we are deeply, deeply touched.

We are still working through the details and timeline of our rebuild. We know that we have a few tough months ahead. We also know that will come out of this stronger than we were before.

We will keep you all posted and look forward to serving you again soon.

Much love and gratitude, 
Christian, Bert and the entire Weber Family