Single Origin: Guatemala

Origin: Guatemala
Region: Union Cantinil, Huehuetenango
Producer Type: Cooperative

Coffee Beans
Medium-Dark Roast
Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Toasted Nuts
Brown bag with Guatemala Coffee label

about this coffee

AAPICUC, which translates to Association of Beekeepers and Coffee Growers of Unión de Cantinil, was founded in 2013. The cooperative is constantly developing sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production systems; approximately 10 produces of the association are also beekeepers, which not only provides them an economic alternative but to contribute to the nutrition and productivity of the coffee trees. Research has shown that pollination increases coffee’s productivity by up to 25%. The producers that form AAPICUC follow the traditional washed process carried out in Huehuetenango. Picked ripe, depulped that same afternoon, fermented for about 24-48 hours underwater, and sun dried.

Map of Guatemala showing the Huehuetenango region