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cheers to community

It is in the roots, not the branches,
that a tree’s greatest strength lies.


The Common Roots Foundation exists to elevate and assist our community in times of need and promote our shared values of creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and safe community.

To support local efforts that promote community wellness and environmental stewardship, and assist those in times of need.

To initiate positive outcomes in projects that support environmental and social-justice issues and to improve the quality of life in the Northeastern New York communities we serve.

Looking for Assistance?

Individuals, organizations and other businesses are eligible to apply for assistance from the Foundation. Fill out the Request Form if you’d like us to consider donating goods or services to your charitable event.


Foundation Board Members

Bert Weber – President

Christian Weber – Vice President

Robin Weber – Treasurer

Matt Fuller – Secretary

Melanie Weber – Board Member

Kevin Crossman – Board Member

Jim Fox – Board Member

Wendy Matthews – Board Member

Jamey Hardesty – Board Member

Foundation Executive Director

Alex Kochon