Foundation Pillars: Community Wellness, Environmental Stewardship, Assisting in Times of Need

Grant Application

The Common Roots Foundation was founded in 2020 to elevate and assist the local community and improve the quality of life in Northeastern New York. The Foundation will evaluate local needs and opportunities, and consider funding projects or efforts in the areas of Community Wellness, Environmental Stewardship, and Assisting in Times of Need. Organizations can use the following form to apply for grant funding for projects (up to $2,500). Please note, funding is not provided for operational salaries.

*Those seeking micro-donations (less than $250), beer donations, or gift basket donations should instead complete a Donation Request form.


The Foundation will review and award grants twice per year. The spring cycle deadline is May 1 and the fall deadline is November 1. Grant applications can be submitted to

Applications will initially be reviewed by the Foundation’s Mission Committee in May and November. The committee will select and recommend applications to be voted on at the Foundation’s Board of Directors meeting. Applicants will receive a written notice of the Foundation’s decision regarding their application no later than 10 business days after it is voted on. Grants will be disbursed on or around June 1 and December 1. If your organization’s application is denied at any point in this process, we encourage you to reapply. If your grant is approved, please wait one year before applying again.

Please be sure your application includes a completed grant-application form and letter, video, or anything else that explains your organization, the purpose of your grant request, and financials. While we encourage attachments, such as news articles, photos, support letters, references, brochures, etc., please keep the initial application concise. We will ask for other items/supporting documents if interested.


Should your organization be awarded a grant, we ask that you report back to us within three months of the grant’s end date. This report can also be presented in written, video, or other media form:

  1. Financial overview: Explain the grant’s status, including income, expenditures by line-item, and funds remaining.
  2. Program implementation: Update us on what was originally planned and what has been accomplished to date.
  3. Program Outcomes: Explain how your program is being evaluated and the degree to which it is producing the results that were expected.
  4. Change of Plans: In the event that your organization needs to change course with the use of the grant, explain what you’d like to change and why. If this is a significant change or will result in budget changes, please reach out to us for a phone call or meeting.
  5. Challenges, Successes, and Lessons: Whether your organization has met specific challenges in implementing the program, or has had great success in some area, we’d like to hear about it. Please elaborate on any lessons learned that will help guide your organization’s work in the future.
  6. Attachments: Feel free to attach photos, news clips, letters from people who benefitted from your program, or other relevant information that would help show how the grant impacted your program.


If you have any questions about the grant-application process or any of the material requested, please reach out to