Micro Donation Request

The Common Roots Foundation exists to support local organizations, businesses, families, or individuals in the areas of community wellness, environmental stewardship, and disaster relief. Disaster Relief funds are intended to support to assist individuals, families, and communities in rebuilding after a disaster. 

Use one of the forms below to apply for a BEER DONATION, a GIFT BAG DONATION or a NON-GRANT MONETARY DONATION. We will review your request as soon as possible and notify you upon making a decision on whether we are able to accommodate your request. In order to fairly distribute our donation budget, we limit one donation per organization within a calendar year. Thank you for your interest!



Beer donation requests must be received 30 days prior to an event.

Beer Request
Will the event/fundraiser involve children under 18?

Gift bags have a retail value of $75 and include: Common Roots Tote Bag, Common Roots Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Common Roots Koozies, Common Roots Stickers, Common Roots Neck Buff, $25 Common Roots Gift Card.

Gift Bag Request

Those seeking monetary donations for amounts larger than $250 should apply via our formal Grant Application.

Monetary Request
Tax Status