Single Origin: Mexico

Origin: Mexico
Region: La Concordia, Chiapas
Producer Type: Small Holder Farms
Farm: Various Producers

Coffee Beans
Medium Roast
Cocoa, Allspice, Fig
Brown bag with Mexico Coffee label

about this coffee

During this season’s harvest in the Villa Corzo area, Covoya’s origin operations launched a Water Usage Efficiency Project that introduced the use of six eco-friendly wet mills, alongside training and assistance with overall efficiency, with an eye toward maintaining quality. The results are encouraging — with the 465 growers (24% women) and 1,171 hectares of coffee plantings covered by the project, we saw four times less water compared with traditional pulping methods.

The Concordia region is renowned for producing excellent coffee due to its agroclimatic conditions of the area – altitude, soils, biodiversity, and most importantly, the people, who through effort and care produce the “Oro Verde”.

The small farmers in this region have an advantage during the harvest season, as the weather is cold with little rain which leads to extended fermentation periods (12-17 hours), and longer drying periods where the coffee can be sun dried in their yards or on their zarandas. All these factors combined improves the cup quality of the region, where conservation of environment and sustainable coexistence between coffee producing activities and the flora and fauna surrounding them is most important.

Map of Colombia showing the La Concordia, Chiapas region