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Holiday 2023

By November 26, 2023No Comments
Group of people watching a ribbon cutting

A few weeks ago, we hosted a ribbon cutting event at our newest facility here in South Glens Falls, the Common Roots Bierhall & Barrel House. We had the honor to host several local dignitaries with a special appearance by the Lt. Governor of New York, Antonio Delgado. This was his second time visiting us at Common Roots and we were thrilled he was able to stop in with greetings and congratulations on our newest venture.

While it was heartwarming to listen to each speakers’ remarks, especially Christian as he spoke with such fondness of his grandparents and our incredible staff (proud Dad here!), it was the Lt. Governor’s remarks that struck a profound chord with me. After listening to Christian’s talk that morning, the Lt. Governor said that it occurred to him that “humanity is that common root that binds us all together.”

He went on to comment that CRBC and our Foundation were unusual examples of how a business could keep humanity in the equation of their decision-making process.

After hearing his comments, I admittedly had a lump in my throat. Our name “Common Roots” is very much based on this principle and yet we’ve never heard someone make that connection so eloquently in public. Humanity is one of those words that has even more meaning during the holiday season. The word itself may have different meaning to some but in this context, I would define it as the ability to be caring and wanting the best for others. Some may define humanity as simply being human… but that is too sterile a definition for me. As we’ve seen all too frequently, our inhumanity to one another is already well documented and sadly demands too many of the headlines in our daily news.

“Humanity is that common root that binds us all together.”

~ Antonio Delgado

On a brighter note, it is refreshing to welcome this time of year! Many of us tend to open our hearts and wallets more during the Holidays. Perhaps it is a natural reaction to the season’s message of peace or the change in the weather that triggers this response in us. Whatever the reason or cause, having more empathy and understanding of the plight of people less fortunate or in need is a good human trait worth highlighting. I think we can all agree, we could all use some more humanity in the world right now.

As we enter this season of longer nights and colder temperatures, we hope you’ll join us in shining more of a light on the humanity we see everyday in our community. With your support, our foundation and our company will continue to collaborate with other local organization to help bring a little more comfort, healing, and warmth to our part of the world.

The Weber Family