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Alcohol By Volume: Varies
Beer Style: American Wild Ale
Availability: Seasonal/Specialty

Common Roots Brewing Co. /Small Town Cultures – An American Wild Ale with house bacteria & conditioned with apples & dried beets. Made with our fermenting friends from Small Town Cultures in Lake Placid, NY.
6% ABV

Common Roots Brewing Co./ Brown’s Brewing Co. – Blending to the perfect balance of dry and sweet, this American Wild Ale was aged in puncheons with Anjou and Bosc pears.
5% ABV

Common Roots Brewing Co./Prohibition Pig – This farmhouse-inspired Wild Ale was brewed with malted wheat, NY grown triticale, and inoculated with native microflora. Opal Basil was steeped during the coolship rest to provide an herbal balance to the tart flavors derived by our house wild yeast culture.
4.3% ABV

Common Roots Brewing Co./Plan Bee Farm Brewery -Brewed with our good friend Evan Watson of Plan Bee. An American Wild Ale using all NY ingredients, including estate maize from the Watson’s farm.  It was inoculated in our coolship with additions of lemon verbena and NY-grown cascade hops.  We pitched Plan Bee’s Barn Beer culture which contributed a unique acidity and characteristics of Meyer lemons. The beer finishes with notes of white peppercorn and maize.
5.2% ABV

Common Roots Brewing Co./Peekskill Brewing – A light, grisette-style ale brewed with grains of paradise, lemongrass, and lemon basil.
4% ABV