Keg Sales

You asked, we listened. Grab 1/6 kegs of Common Roots beer for home and bring the bar to you.

We are proud to offer new disposable 1/6 kegs of beer for public sale. This limited number of kegs will rotate through our lineup based on our beer brewing schedule. Typically we will have less than six kegs of any one type of beer at a given time. Read below for more information and fill out the form to reserve your keg. REMINDER: Only kegs currently available will be able to be reserved.

Things to know:

  • These are 1/6 kegs, which equals 41 pints of beer.
  • Each keg will be $99-120 (which includes a recyclable container fee) depending on the type of beer. There is no deposit required. We accept cash and all major credit cards.
  • When you arrive to pick up keg, you must present your valid government-issued ID. We reserve the right to deny a sale to anyone whose ID does not meet our standards.
  • You must pick up your ordered keg within one week from date of request.
  • You will need a tap system with standard or Micromatic-compatible coupling systems (A-, S- and D- Type). We do not recommend you use a pump tap system.
  • The kegs are completely disposable and all parts are 100% recyclable once the beer is gone.
  • Please take care to not drop, shake, or puncture kegs. They are under extreme pressure. Use pressure release tools before disposal.
  • NOTE: Once kegs are purchased and leave our premises, Common Roots Brewing Company is not responsible for any liabilities or damages the keg should cause in the event of a malfunction or other catastrophic event.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in reserving a keg.

NOTE: Filling out this form does not guarantee a keg will be available.

We will contact you with pickup information.


1/6 Keg Reservation Form